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Now that you've secured the sale with Philadelphia American, it's time to reallocate some of the money you've saved your client into Living Benefits. To do just that we now have an alliance with  American National and Fidelity and Guarantee to offer Term and URL. This life component can provide a second stream of income for you while giving your clients superior income protection. 


The average cost of an ACA  plan for a family of 4 is estimated at 12,000/year for major medical with a 10,000 deductible.

Below illustration is based on the demographic for a 40 year old male and 40 year old female with 2 kids. Quoted was PALIC's HSPIII with 2 units, Accident and 30,000 CI on the husband and wife/10,000 on the kids.


Here's How It's Works!

  • PALIC Health, Accident and Critical Illness- You Earn- $1886 (blended 30%)

  • ANICO 30 YEAR TERM- You Earn-$881 (60% COMM.)


  •  ANICO INDEX UL- You Earn- $2,220 (60% COMM.)








Before getting contracted with ANICO & Fidelity Guarantee you must 1st sign up with FEG.

Please access the link below.


Select: Join FEG

Search: 35203

NOTE: There is a 1-time fee of $125 for use of the Client Management System.

Once the 1st piece of business is submitted we'll provide a provide a reimbursement for the fees.


The rewarding relationship you'll form with Freedom Equity Group will go a long way qualifying you for more world-class travels. All the while, changing your quality of life for the better. 

Once you've signed up with Freedom Equity please contact us for the ANICO and Fidelity Guarantee Contracts at 214-316-4042



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