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Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical Insurance Information

Philadelphia American has rolled out the  Short Term Medical Plans in Ok, IL, MO, and GA.  This product will soon roll-out in addition markets. Philadelphia American is working hard to make sure that you have smart and affordable options for your clients.

By purchasing a Short-Term Medical plan the insured pays for coverage that they need and can afford. This plan will pay benefits up to $250,000 per person during the selected benefit period.

Short-Term Medical pays for unexpected illness or injury versus the more versus the more expense the more expense mandatory coverage options required by the Affordable Care Act. (ACA)


With this plan there is a choice of four deductible options. Maximum of two deductibles per policy.


Deductible Per Person






There is two choices of coinsurance options.


Out-of-pocket max is $2,500 per person with a maximum of two coinsurance amount per policy.


Out-of -pocket max maximum is $5,000 per person with a maximum of two coinsurance amounts per policy.

After coinsurance has been satisfied then the plan pays 100% of the additional eligible expenses up to the policy maximum.


NOTE: A Gap Plan cannot be written to supplement a Short Term Policy. 


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