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My name is Vic Prichard. I joined the National Group Marketing team in February of 2013. As an NGM area manager, I have benefitted tremendously from joining forces with a national team of expert agents and managers. In an ever-changing insurance environment, NGM has a clear vision for the future of health insurance, both on the individual and group level. I am doing more business than ever before because of my affiliation with NGM. For agents looking for quality products, good compensation, expert training and support, NGM is the place to be!

When ACA passed in 2010, I had already been losing potential carriers for individual insurance, then my carriers started dropping like flies.  I was a salesman without a decent product to sell.  In 2011, I met Doug Chapman.  He introduced me to PALIC immediately the direction of my career, which was in serious doubt, changed dramatically.  The first year my income which was low, quadrupled.  Then next year it doubled and I qualified for leadership conference.  The next year it doubled again.  In 2014 it looks like it might triple.  My family and I are very grateful for the products and systems that Doug and National Group Marketing have put in place.

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